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Sun in Tenth House

The Sun is always a presence of power with positive energy and so on there are most of pleasing reflections around the Sun. The arrival of Sun in the 10th house would bring pleasing impacts upon the natives life as bestowing admirable heights while it could also come along with some adverse aspects depending upon the planetary placements. The presence of Sun in the 10th house would endow the person with great powers and authorities as keeping him/her upon the higher mounts of profession and social arena but this would come along with some hurdles in the path and possibilities of difficulties around the person. They are born to be noticed and dominate over others as there is a natural potency in their presence and in the same way, they will stand highly strong at the work place and they will deserve the same for being worked hard and with strong determination.

They are influencing and affecting personalities who could inspire others with their presence and style besides this, they will attain high respect upon land and would be honored for variant reasons in life and these people would believe it to be their most precious treasury that is respect & position. Besides this, they are noble creatures who posses immense dignity and self respect and can’t live without that. The natives of this placement of Surya in tenth house are born to lead for which they will appear at their best if made to rule while if following others won’t let them work at their best though they are strongly determined towards their responsibilities. These people having surya in tenth bhava are endowed with a lot of vigor to triumph in their work arena and your lumps of efforts takes you towards great success. For the same reasons, they are believed to stand upon the brilliant platter of career.

The natives of this placement of Sun in 10th house are also strong at heart as it won’t be easier to win them and they would rarely fall for anyone. Besides this, they are believed to have similarly strong partners who would again be upon the strong social and professional positions and they will be truly happy to be with them. In explicit words, the benefic placement of Sun in the tenth house, would provide favors from the government and strong personalities besides which, the native could also be in a government job of high profile comprising good comforts, luxuries and servants as well. This placement would bring him/her good health and strong finances but he/she would be suspicious about others for most of the times. On the other part, the malefic effect of Sun in 10th house would bring some adverse impacts upon native’s life as if Saturn would get placed over the 4th, it would bring death to the father some years after the native’s birth and if Sun gets placed over the 10th house along with Moon in 5th house then, it will bring short life to the native while if 4th house remains vacant along with malefic Sun in 10th house then, the native won’t receive the benefits from government. These people should never wear blue or black colors and should stay away from immoral liquor and non vegetarian food. Besides this, they should throw a copper coin in a river or canal for continuous 43days as it would reduce the malefic impacts to a great extent.

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♈ Know about other Men/Women in the life of your Wife/Husband/Lover.

♉ Get your Love/Rights/Status back.

♊ Progress according to your potential.

♋ Avoid Politics and Competition in the Office.

♌ March ahead of Your competitors.

♍ Get what you think You Deserve

♎ Excel in the field of Education / Business / Money-matters

♏ Groom your Children in the right way.

♐ Realize your long-cherished Love-affair

♑ Keep peace on Personal Front and in Marital Relations.

♒ Live a Healthy Life Happily and without ailments.

♓ Remove other Men/Women away from your Wife/Husband/Lover.

No Drama of Reading or Predictions. Specific Solutions to Particular Problems

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Consult Famous Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist and Spiritual Scientist Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma to know the answers of important questions:

  • Who am I?

  • Why am I here?

  • What is in my Future?

  • What is my Life-Path?

  • Who will be my Partners in this arduous journey of Life.

  • Can I do something Good for the World?

  • How many Women/Men/Partners are there in my Life?

  • How will be 2016, 2017 and then 2018 for me?

Astrology can help you in finding answers to the following questions to a large extent:

  • Will I learn from my current relationship to evolve and open my heart-chakra ?

  • Will I fulfill my destiny on earth this time round?

  • Will I get another baby?

  • Will my affair end in marriage?

  • Will my favourite team win this match?

  • When will I marry my beloved?

  • Will my ailments end?

  • When will I get married?

  • Is my husband/wife happy in our marriage?

  • Is my Lover happy in our relationship?

  • How shall I deal with my partner?

  • Who will win: my favourite team or the team I donot like?

  • Will I have a long-term relationship with the person I am currently in love with?

  • Will we continue a romantic relationship?

  • What is my correct birth-time? YES, It can be certained by Bith-time-rectification.

  • Will I be able to make more money this year so that i can buy what I want?

  • Is there a chance of a romantic relationship with either of these men/women?

  • Is my husband/wife deceiving me?

  • Should I continue or end this relationship I am in for a few years?

  • Is there the possibility of a romantic partnership in the future with the man/woman I am currently in love with?

  • Will my partner buy a new car within a month?

  • Should I be in this relationship?

  • Does he/she love me?

  • Will I be lucky in gambling in the near future?

  • Will I have one more baby?

  • Will I go to the City of my dreams this summer?

  • Will I be dating anyone within 6 months?

  • Does my partner love me?

  • Will my income increase in the near future?

  • Will I and a former lover come back together in the future?

  • Is the relationship really over or will he/she return?

  • What are the reasons behind the problems in our lives such as poverty, illness etc.?

  • How can I get peace and happiness from my relations?

  • Which relatives of mine can betray me?

  • What type of people should I avoid to have a smooth and fulfilling life?

  • What type of people should I embrace to have a peaceful and prosperous life?

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Analysed 45102 Horoscopes since 1984.

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