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About Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma

Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma is a celebrated Astrologer Numerologist and Palmist with Extremely Accurate Astrological Horoscope Readings, Observations and Predictions.

Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma

(MD(Ep), MBA, LLB, BA(Eng. Elective), BA(Hindi)
Jyotish Maharshi, Jyotish Shastri, Jyotish Prabhakar
Vaastu Maharshi, CE(Palmistry), CE(REIKI-1, USUI SHIKI RYOHO))

Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma has more than 30 years of experience in Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry. He started analysing Horoscopes at a tender age of Eleven, way back in 1982 and turned a Professional Astrologer in 1984, though minting money was never his aim. He has studied and analysed more than 24000 Horoscopes. He is striving hard to publish on the internet all the Horoscopes he has seen and analysed and the knowledge-base will be accessible to one and all, without any cost. (Of course, an internet connection will be required).

For more than 99% of the horoscopes which he has seen, he charged not even a penny. He is available for Readings and Spiritual-guidance with Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Crystals, Psychic and Tarot cards and other Spiritual Arts. Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry are his forte. His Spiritual readings, observations and predictions are based on Vedic Astrology and they are packed with high accuracy.

Author Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma with Lal Kitab Maestro Pandit Krishan Ashant Ji

Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma started learning the Occult-Sciences way back in 1982. Later on his spiritual guru Pandit Surya Narayan Shastri Ji (Triple M.A.), helped him sharpen his skills by guiding him what to learn, what to unlearn, and what to discard. Over decades he has become able to PAG(Predict, Advise and Guide) using Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry. He does use other spiritual tools also. He can PAG(Predict, Advise and Guide) in the matters relating to CAREER, FAMILY ISSUES LIKE LACK OF PROGENY, MARITAL DISCOMFORT, FAILURE IN BUSINESS, HEALTH ISSUES, COMPATIBILITY ANALYSIS - BUSINESS COMPATIBILITY AND SPOUSAL COMPATIBILITY, BOTH.

Author Rajesh Verma Receiving Formal Astrology Degree

It was a watershed event when Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma met The undisputed Shahenshah of Lal-Kitab in the whole world, Pandit Krishan Ashant Ji. Few hours spent with the Maestro on few rare occasions gave him such an insight into the field of Astrology which a formal Study of thousands of hours cannot.

Author Rajesh Verma with the Stalwart of Lal Kitab Pandit Krishan Ashant Ji

Then came the Final Polishing-moment. G.K.Goel Ji stands among the most celebrated Astrologers of 21st century. His scholarly-command over the subject of Astrology is unique, peerless and unparalleled. Hundreds of hours of rigorous-teaching sitting near his feet transformed the entire approach of Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma towards Astrology. It was Terra-focused, it became Universal.

Author Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma with Vedic Astrology Maestro G.K.Goyal Ji

Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma highlights any blockages and problems in your life caused by your karmic planets. You can also have past lives karmas remedies done to ease your problems around you at the present and in the future.

The accuracy and the depth of his readings will astound you and the remedies given will help you reach your goals in life with great ease. Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma is an M.B.A. He has taken this time-consuming spiritual path to help people from all over the world with their problems caused by their past lives karmas. Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma does not come from a family of astrologers and palmists going back to several generations and hence is free from the traditional bondages and sometimes stale and stagnant knowledge.

You can contact him by Filling Contact Form at his website.

He is available for Video Consultation, Personal-meeting, Phone-consultation by appointments only

Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma suggests Simple, Swift, Low-cost, Environment-friendly, Ethical remedies to Solve All Problems of Life and also to remove and protect against Black Magic, Dark Energy, Curses and Spells.

You can check out some of the genuine testimonials from his clients by going on to Testimonials Page link.

Analysed 45102 Horoscopes So Far.

Sir Astrologer

Providing Spiritual Guidance since 1984 for

A Bright Future
A Happy Family
A Dream Career
Worry Free Married Life
A Successful Relationship
Health, Wealth and Wisdom
Ideal Existence

Contact for Astro Consultation if you want to:

♈ Know about other Men/Women in the life of your Wife/Husband/Lover.

♉ Get your Love/Rights/Status back.

♊ Progress according to your potential.

♋ Avoid Politics and Competition in the Office.

♌ March ahead of Your competitors.

♍ Get what you think You Deserve

♎ Excel in the field of Education / Business / Money-matters

♏ Groom your Children in the right way.

♐ Realize your long-cherished Love-affair

♑ Keep peace on Personal Front and in Marital Relations.

♒ Live a Healthy Life Happily and without ailments.

♓ Remove other Men/Women away from your Wife/Husband/Lover.

No Drama of Reading or Predictions. Specific Solutions to Particular Problems

♈ ♉ ♊ ♋ ♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓ - ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣

Consult Famous Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist and Spiritual Scientist Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma to know the answers of important questions:

  • Who am I?

  • Why am I here?

  • What is in my Future?

  • What is my Life-Path?

  • Who will be my Partners in this arduous journey of Life.

  • Can I do something Good for the World?

  • How many Women/Men/Partners are there in my Life?

  • How will be 2016, 2017 and then 2018 for me?

Astrology can help you in finding answers to the following questions to a large extent:

  • Will I learn from my current relationship to evolve and open my heart-chakra ?

  • Will I fulfill my destiny on earth this time round?

  • Will I get another baby?

  • Will my affair end in marriage?

  • Will my favourite team win this match?

  • When will I marry my beloved?

  • Will my ailments end?

  • When will I get married?

  • Is my husband/wife happy in our marriage?

  • Is my Lover happy in our relationship?

  • How shall I deal with my partner?

  • Who will win: my favourite team or the team I donot like?

  • Will I have a long-term relationship with the person I am currently in love with?

  • Will we continue a romantic relationship?

  • What is my correct birth-time? YES, It can be certained by Bith-time-rectification.

  • Will I be able to make more money this year so that i can buy what I want?

  • Is there a chance of a romantic relationship with either of these men/women?

  • Is my husband/wife deceiving me?

  • Should I continue or end this relationship I am in for a few years?

  • Is there the possibility of a romantic partnership in the future with the man/woman I am currently in love with?

  • Will my partner buy a new car within a month?

  • Should I be in this relationship?

  • Does he/she love me?

  • Will I be lucky in gambling in the near future?

  • Will I have one more baby?

  • Will I go to the City of my dreams this summer?

  • Will I be dating anyone within 6 months?

  • Does my partner love me?

  • Will my income increase in the near future?

  • Will I and a former lover come back together in the future?

  • Is the relationship really over or will he/she return?

  • What are the reasons behind the problems in our lives such as poverty, illness etc.?

  • How can I get peace and happiness from my relations?

  • Which relatives of mine can betray me?

  • What type of people should I avoid to have a smooth and fulfilling life?

  • What type of people should I embrace to have a peaceful and prosperous life?

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Analysed 45102 Horoscopes since 1984.

Sir Astrologer

Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma

MD(Ep), MBA, LLB, BA(Eng. Elective), BA(Hindi)
Jyotish Maharshi, Jyotish Shastri, Jyotish Prabhakar
Vaastu Maharshi, CE(Palmistry), CE(REIKI-1, USUI SHIKI RYOHO)

Providing Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry Consultation since 1984.

In no uncertain terms I want to make it absolutely clear that No Art or Science is absolutely perfect. Hence, any Astrological or Numerological or Palmistry Consultation that you receive from me is Not to be Considered as a substitute for advice, program, or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a Lawyer, Doctor, Psychiatrist, or Financial Advisor. I provide no guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind, and will not be responsible for any interpretation made or use by the recipient of the information and data mentioned above. By the Grace of God I can only try to give my best and hope that my efforts will improve the life of my disciples, devotees and clients.


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